The volume of cargo transportation for our company's own needs is about 250 containers per year. Having stable not small volume of regular deliveries, we are ready to offer our partners quality transport, forwarding and customs services. We offer customs clearance and escort of international cargo not only multiples of the whole container, but also groupage cargoes for example from Europe, Korea, China, UAE with delivery throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. To organizations, independently carrying out foreign economic activity, we offer a complex of logistical services on terms of outsourcing.

We work in close partnership with the best licensed customs brokers and have direct contracts with the carrier lines. We carry out the transportation of goods by road, sea, air and rail by "DOOR TO DOOR", as well as services:

  • Calculation of customs payments
  • Customs clearance of goods, equipment, etc. at various customs terminals of the countries participating in the EAEC
  • Optimization of procedures for customs clearance of cargo, including various cargoes with stringent requirements for storage and transportation conditions
  • Our consultations on issues related to foreign economic activity and customs legislation of the Russian Federation and the Unified Energy System
  • Obtaining the necessary documentation for customs clearance and certification of products
  • Declaration and storage of goods in temporary storage warehouses (temporary storage warehouses)
  • Cargo insurance